each & every video, Heather Sheehan, 2003
original music: Johannes Heinen, 2003
camera/editing/imaging: Jan Höhe
'Nameless sound in the black emptiness of space.
Eternity, as a background in which the cosmos is perpetually reborn. A tiny, almost silent object shines out of the darkness and begins to grow, spinning a slow spiral path towards us. The ever expanding body reveals itself to be an undefined life form,
an elemental, organic being. Our focus is increasingly drawn towards the center of the body until we submerge completely through the outer skin, escorted by heightened musical tension. There, inside, an other, new being takes form, floating briefly in rosy, naked triumph before drifting out of our sight. Left behind, an amorphous structure, turning away, eclipsing from view. Nameless sound in the black emptiness of space. An end, a beginning. For each and every.'
Johannes Heinen, Cologne 2003