heather sheehan
Social DisTanzing / When Your Weft Becomes Your Warp, 2020
oil on gesso on paper
as featured in the web gallery series Presence in Absence,
Galerie Gisela Clement

Excerpt from my day-book - 
Cologne, 21.03.2020

At 9pm, we come out to our balconies and windows, all from the self-isolation of apartments, to clap for those workers who keep us healthy and socially served. The evidence of solidarity in darkness is magical. I feel it pump through my brain and make its way into my heart. Reading Rilke’s letters to Kappus today, he describes sadness and grief as an illness that gives rise to experience and the chance to expand to new levels rather than always to be repeating what we already know. I feel his voice so clearly, the love and hope encouraging us to remain, above all, more curious than afraid.

— Heather Sheehan