In defiance of conventional ideals about size, age and beauty, these works reveal stories of quiet dignity maintained beyond the ever-shifting balance of power. About the experience of being.

It is most often cloth that holds these stories for me. Woven textile, flexible, semi-permeable like skin, possesses a strength, like that of the Will, achieved by mere twisting of fibers, positioning of threads. A magical triumph not unlike that of life. 

Pattern-draping and needle-sculpting, allow the flexible cloth to form three-dimensional objects, absent of pre-set inner structure. Weave, cut and drape join forces with gravity. The cloth guides. I, the awestruck partner, discover more than determine, size, posture, expression and position, of myself, the objects to one another, within a room and in relation to viewers. 

The visualizations convey a voice beyond that of mere matter. Sharable and experiential, they whisper of what it feels like to be born and to exist as flesh and spirit.